MeriGrocery Delivery (Process & Conditions)


We process each order as follows:

Step 1. Order Confirmation

After receiving your order through any of the sources... website, phone order, whatsapp or mobile app order, we go and check whether all the items ordered are in stock and can be delivered within the promised time frame. Then we confirm the order for further processing and you receive an email regarding the status.

Step 2. Order Packaging

Before starting the packaging of your order we call you and communicate the Billing Amount, Estimated Delivery Time and Shipping Charges, if any.

All our packaging material is highly reliable in terms of strength as well as in terms of the effects on the food item it comes in contact with. We are constantly devoted to improve our packaging to best suit your health as well as pollute the environment as less as possible (Yes, eco-friendly plastic bags still pollute the environment!).

Step 3. Dispatch

After packaging, your order is ready for dispatch but before sending our delivery guy or van, you get a final call from our Shipments Department to confirm your presence at the shipment address. Finally we dispatch your order.

We are constantly devoted to offer you the best experience and fastest shipments and we try our best to adhere to and even speed up the deliveries according to the promised time frame of the delivery option chosen.

Delivery Options

Lets face it, who wouldn't love free shipments but it is economically impossible for us to offer you deliveries free of cost. Moreover, we have kept the minimum order value at ₹ 500 to suit everybody's interest. It would be highly illogical to buy a product for say ₹ 20 and pay ₹ 50 as shipping charges. That said, we at MeriGrocery always keep challenging ourselves to offer you more and more convenience and we promise to add more delivery options and possibly relaxed shipping charges in the near future.

For the time being, we have the following Delivery Options available for you :




Minimum Order

MeriGrocery Standard Delivery

Next Day

₹ 50

₹ 500

MeriGrocery Same Day Delivery

Within 24 Hours

₹ 100

    ₹ 500    

MeriGrocery Free Delivery

Next Day

Free !

₹ 1000

Delivery Coupons

MeriGrocery offers Free Delivery coupons as part of various schemes and as gifts or freebies which can be redeemed to save on shipping charges. Such coupons are valid only once and only one coupon can be applied on one order. Also, these coupons can not be clubbed together with other coupons or schemes.

Return Policy

At times, it happens that we make a mistake and deliver your wrong/faulty products or you order an item without actually wanting it or you just don't need the product you ordered. No worries, we offer you 'No Questions Asked' Return Policy allowing you to return any or all of the products you ordered within 7 Days( for most of the products, though not on perishable products like fruits, vegetables, etc).

You can request a return within 7 days of receiving the shipment and we will pickup the products as soon as possible. But, please consider the following conditions before requesting a return:

1. The product/s must be in the same condition as it was when you received it. It must have all the primary packaging intact and it must not have been opened or partially used.

2. You will have to bear the reverse logistics charges (usually ₹ 50 only) to get the pickup done.

3. The payment would be returned to you in the form of MeriGrocery Wallet Money or in the form of Discount Coupons that you may use to buy other products sold by MeriGrocery.

4. In case of exchange of products where you ordered a wrong product or when you just want to get other products in the replacement of your present products, shipping charges (usually ₹ 50) are applicable.

# Note :- MeriGrocery retains the right to end or change the schemes, policies, terms & conditions of services provided without prior notice or notification.